Lesson six: Don’t hold yourself back

You are the master of your own destiny, but you already know that, right? I feel like that’s a phrase we’ve grown up with. One that we’ve heard so many times it has become white noise. But like all good quotes, it’s message holds true time and time again.

The way I see it, others motivational words and actions can only get you so far. Your not always going to have someone to coach you along, you have to find your inner flame and nurture it. Just as a ship without a strong master is destined for failure, a student without drive and self-motivation is destined to scrape by on the bare minimum. 

Given the fact you’re reading this blog, I’m willing to bet you’re not going to be satisfied with the bare minimum. And why would you be? As a college student, you’ve been granted one of the greatest privileges in life. With self-motivation, ambition and a lot of hard work, the education you receive during college will navigate you towards great things.

Here are some tips for keeping yourself motivated and rolling through the tuff times.

  • Keep an open mind: Life seldom works out as planed. It’s a sad, but true fact of life. Keeping a closed mind and accepting only one outcome as a success can lead to disappointment down the line. Success can take shape in many forms; don’t limit yourself. If you enjoy a certain class or career path, don’t be afraid to explore it.
  • Take some time for yourself: Don’t run yourself into the ground by letting your academics consumer your life. Now, I’m not saying they shouldn’t be a large part of it. College is important, there’s no question about that. From my experiences, college is just as much of a life journey as it is an academic journey. It’s important to take time to find out who you are and what you’re all about. College is an opportunity to make life long friendships and memories you’ll never forget. Finding a balance between the two is essential not just to your happiness, but to keep your motivational flame going.
  • Evaluate your progress: When you start feeling like you’re not getting anywhere, it’s time to sit down and evaluate your progress. This can be helpful for two reasons. First, it will shed light on the progress you’ve made. Compare where you are now to where you began, you’ve probably come further than you think. Second, if you’re not seeing the results you expected, it could be a sign you need to go back to the drawing board. The sooner you find the approach that’s right for you, the better.
  • Set smaller goals: It can be hard to stay ambitious and self-motivated when your only working toward one large goal. By settings smaller goals, you’ll not only feel successful more often, but you can make sure you’re still on the right track. 

2 thoughts on “Lesson six: Don’t hold yourself back

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  2. As a college student this post is something that I can definitely relate to. Self motivation is what drives me to get through school and focus on my future. Through out my years at school one of the biggest things ive learned to help me achieve success is by setting smaller goals for myself. Sometimes I would get overwhelmed by the idea of a big goal-getting an A in a class-that I would not know how to approach it. Now I try and focus on weekly goals like doing well on all my assignments and being prepared for exams. Having a positive support system is one of the biggest things that keep me motivated, so no matter how old you are I think this could be one of the most importent keys to success. Whether its a phone call home to lift your spirits or getting reassurance from a friend, there is nothing like having someone who knows you to remind you to keep pushing forward.

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